Monitoring Avant 12A

The Avant series incorporates an impressive battery of high tech features that take powered portable systems to a new level of performance. The latest in class D power amplification, digital signal processing optimized DAS Components have been combined with enclosures designed for ease of transportation and road worthiness.

The avant 12A offers a multi-angle enclosurs which allow it to be used in stagemonitor applications as well as a compact PA system.

The 600W Class D amplifier provides extended bandwith, improved dynamic range and exceptionally low distortion. This makes the avant series one of the best sounding systems on the market. After all, isnít quality sound what itís all about?

The 12AV4 loudspeaker designed and built by DAS Provides accurate low frequency reproduction. high frequencies are handled by the M-50N compression driver which uses a neodymium magnet structure and 2Ē titanium diaphragm-features hard to find on other systems in this market segment.